Thursday, February 18, 2016


Hey guys!  Boy, has it really been fine months since I've posted here?!?  Life has been super busy between running around with the boys, my part-time teaching job, travel, family and friends.  Everything has been great, and I sure do have a lot to catch you all up on, so I figured I would start with a little re-cap of our trip to Aspen, Colorado.  We went to Aspen back in September for my best friend Louisa's wedding.  It was the first time we've left our babies for more than a night and it was bittersweet.  We flew out Friday in time for a BBQ at Louisa's fiancee, Tyler's family's house on Aspen Mountain.  The food was incredible, and the views were unreal!  It was so great to see Louisa who I hadn't seen in quite some time!
The rest of our long weekend (we flew back on Monday) was spent exploring downtown Aspen, eating, taking a gondola ride up to the top of Aspen Mountain, hiking the Maroon Bells, and just enjoying our time together as a couple.  I had so many more pictures that I took on my i-phone (which I later lost), so this is the best of what we got on our camera.  Hope you enjoy our picture re-cap of Aspen which is truly an amazing place!