Friday, March 28, 2014


Happy Friday!!!  I'm very happy it's the weekend, and so I thought I would post a perfect outfit for the weekend- something casual.  I love stripes and leopard as a combo, and another favorite combo I'm really loving lately is stripes and camo- I think they work really well together.  This jacket is from Old Navy and is such a steal!  I put on some comfy white converse, and added a little fun jewelry and a big handbag to complete the look.  I could live in this outfit on the weekends!  What's your favorite thing to wear on the weekends?

Top: H&M
Jacket: Old Navy
Jeans: Old Navy
Sneakers: Converse
Necklace: Forever 21
Bracelets: Forever 21 (old, similar here)
Sunnies: Forever 21
Bag: YSL Muse Bag

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Our last day at the parks was probably our best day!  Yes, part of us was sad this would be it at Disney, but really we weren't even supposed to be at the parks for a third day, so it was special.  The story is that we only bought a 2-day park hopper pass, figuring the first day we would be checking into our hotel and enjoying the pools and Downtown Disney, and then doing the parks for two days.  However, while we were out there, the forecast kept on predicting all of these crazy storms for the two days we were going to be at the parks and not for our first day checking in, so we figured we might as well use the park pass for the first two days, and just play the third day by ear.  Well, the first two days were bright and sunny (it only rained overnight on the second day), so we used the park pass then.  The third day we woke up to a rainy and cloudy day and figured we would hang out at the hotel and do whatever activities they had planned for inclement weather.  Well, they didn't have any!  Yes, Disneyland which is considered one of the "Happiest Places on Earth," and a Disneyland property hotel, apparently hasn't yet figured out what to do in the event of rain.  The Grand Californian Hotel has three magnificent pools (all outside), and their one thing planned for a rainy day was some hour-long Pinocchio activity...what were we to do?  I decided to speak to a Hotel Manager who at first offered to send free dvd's up to our room.  When I explained my kids were three and one, and that that probably wouldn't work, he offered us a free park hopper pass for the day for all of us (I'm talking four adults and one child- Brody was free)!!!  I thought they might do something nice for us, but I truly never expected that sort of kindness and generosity.  But, the other thing I haven't mentioned yet is that a lot of the major rides were closed for renovation during our visit, which no one told us when we booked our trip, so that was also part of their consideration into giving us the free passes.  Either way, it was really nice and we had an amazing time.  Rich and I even went back late night, just the two of us, and rode some fun rides we couldn't do with the kids like Indiana Jones and Space Mountain.  I will tell you, our experience really made us feel like we did visit the "Happiest Place on Earth!"  We can't wait to go again!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Hey there!  If you are in the northeast like me, then perhaps you too woke up to snow this morning!!! Are we serious, old man winter?  I mean the calendar says spring, but the temperatures certainly don't feel that way!  Anyway, I would like to jump on the spring fashion bandwagon and start wearing more florals and pastels, but I figured the weather was a good excuse to break out some winter pieces one last time (my fingers are crossed as I am typing this ;)!  Hopefully this is it!  I also added this new Sira & Mara bracelet which may be my absolute favorite!  I love to stack, but this baby has stolen the show!!!

Dress: GAP (old, similar here or here)
Tights: HUE
Hat: Forever 21 (found in-store, but not online) similar here
Booties: Forever 21
Bracelet: Sira & Mara

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Our second day at Disney, we had breakfast with the characters which was so much fun!  We bought a little autograph book and tried to get as many signatures and pictures with them as we could (although Richie was not into taking the pictures, so usually it was just us posing with them).  From there we spent the day checking out California Adventure and all of the rides.  The park is really amazing with so much to see and do!  We capped off the day with dinner at the park and watching their water light show which was so cool.  After such a great first day, we didn't think it was possible to have such an incredible second day, but we did.  We now know why it's called the "Happiest Place on Earth!"

Monday, March 24, 2014


No matter how old or young you are, there is nothing not to love about Disneyland in California.  We had an amazing three days visiting both Disneyland Park and California Adventure Theme Park.  I will tell you more about our hotel stay at the Grand Californian Hotel & Spa (coming soon!), but in the meantime, I think these pictures can tell you more about the fun we had in a way my words couldn't do!