Sunday, February 14, 2010


Happy Valentine's Day Jet Setters! You all are my valentines! It's because of you all coming here to read my posts and share your thoughts and ideas with me that I feel loved and inspired to keep on doing it. So I send you all a big hug and kiss and wish you all lots of love today! Hopefully you have decided to do something fun with your loved one today; whether it was to take a little road trip together, jet set somewhere interesting, or just stay home and cuddle. If you chose the last one like I did, then I suggest making a destination theme to your day. Basically, through food and culture you can feel as though you have jet setted somewhere fabulous with your honey. Here's what I'm suggesting: TRAVEL TO SPAIN (well, sort of...)

1- Buy a great bottle (or two) of Rioja wine.2- Make some Spanish Tapas for dinner. You don't have to be a "Julia Child" in the kitchen...some are really easy to prepare and make! I promise!3- Rent the movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona. It takes place in Barcelona, so you can't get better than that!Sure, you make look around your living room and know that you are really NOT in Spain, but at least for the night you can do something romantic and fun. Plus, if you both really enjoy it, you can think about jet setting to Spain in the future, and letting Jet Set Smart help you plan your trip! Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Love that movie! Had no plans tonight, thanks for this great idea!

  2. Well I am glad I am an inspiration to someone please keep up the good work Happy V-Day