Friday, March 12, 2010


Are you a Bad Joan? I am! What's a Bad Joan, you ask? Take this simple three question "yes" or "no" quiz to find out:

1. Do you LOVE to shop, perhaps even been referred to as a shopaholic?

2. Do you LOVE getting an amazing deal?

3. Do you LOVE discovering new, fabulous, and unique designers and making all your friends jealous?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions than you are, indeed, a Bad Joan!

I found out about Bad Joan through my husband's aunt (a west coast Fashionista), and I absolutely fell in love with the concept! If you check out Bad Joan, you will notice great stuff including clothing, shoes, jewelry, handbags and accessories all for AMAZING prices. How is this possible, you may be wondering? Well, Bad Joan carries overstock from the best up and coming designers. So what does this mean for you as the shopaholic? It means that you can always look fabulous, always be way ahead of the fashion curve, and very possibly own stuff that not many people have. Because of this, sizes and quantities are limited, so you must jump on something right away if you like it.

Bad Joan was started by a woman named Brooke Wilen (that's right, a female entrepreneur, a woman after my own heart). On my recent trip to L.A., Brooke and I tried to meet up in person, but our schedules were too hectic and it didn't work out this time. Nevertheless, awesome Brooke came up with some Bad Joan fashion ideas for my jet setting and fashion forward readers and I wanted to share them with you:

These tote bags are great for a weekend away or for carry on:
Tucker Paisley Beach Tote in Blue for $35 (normally retails for $80).
Or this Tucker Paisley Travel Tote in red for $105 (normally retails for $220). I'm in love with this Beth Springer Stripe Tote for $90 (normally retails for $498). When I jet set, I always love to bring dresses- they are easy to pack and so comfy! I think this Jenny Han Strapless Ruffle Dress is pretty for evening. It sells for $57 (normally retails for $230).Or this great Jenny Han Strapless Maxi Dress in Navy for $61 (normally retails for $248). This Purple Agua Bikini is only $30 (normally retails for $150). Cover yourself up in this gorgeous Purple Agua Shell trim Kaftan for $30 (normally retails for $155).These Lisa K Lace Cake Gold Earrings for $58 (normally retails for $175) are the perfect accessory for summer with a dress...Or even with jeans and a cute top like this Wilen Sheer Metallic Tie Top for only $10 (normally retails for $175)! Bottom Line...Bad Joan's Motto is "It's Good to Be Bad," and I couldn't agree more!!!


  1. I am going to forward this to my daughter as she is both a jet setter & fashionista.

  2. Oooo, I love travel totes, and that bikini is calling my name! Thanks for sharing this. I'm heading to Bad Joan's site right now.

  3. I love her stuff too! And listen this this...Jet Set Smart readers will get a 10% discount between 3/15 & 3/22 when they enter JetSet10 at checkout!!! Enjoy and thanks for reading! :)