Saturday, June 5, 2010


Prague, Czech Republic. It's such a magical and mystical place! I got the chance to jet set to Prague this same time last year, and just wanted to take a moment to tell all you jet setters what an incredible place it is. Why Prague, you ask? Well, Prague is architecturally stunning, thanks to the fact that it was pretty much untouched during World War II- so what you see is original and not replicated. Prague has so many beautiful cobblestone streets and hills (not fun for the feet- so wear comfy shoes and make sure to get foot massages while you are there), but awesome to see and wander through the tiny alleyways. Prague is about history, art, culture, architecture, and it's beauty. Plus, besides all of this, it has a fun night-time/party scene (in fact, quite popular choice for bachelor parties). When to go: Avoid July & August- too many tourists and you'll pay too much! The smart time to jet set there is in April, May, June (perfect touring weather mid 60's- high 70's). I promise you...Prague will amaze and fascinate you in so many different ways!

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