Monday, November 29, 2010


Hitting the road for the holidays? A little bit of planning can go a long way towards keeping spirits bright, especially with kids! Here are some helpful tips:
1- Bored kids are restless kids. Bring along plenty of quiet but interactive activities without too many pieces to drop or throw.
2- Don't kick off the holidays with a fussy flyer in your lap. Pick a flight time when your baby's most likely to be asleep.
3- If you're staying in anything bigger than a hotel room, be sure to bring your baby monitor for extra piece of mind.
4- Hitting some public restrooms along the way? A portable potty seat provides a nice clean layer between your child and the toilet.
5- Pack a portable travel cot for a bed away from home- all the better if it can double as a playpen!
6- Bring along a favorite baby blanket: the familiar smell is soothing for your child.

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  1. loving the pictures and themes on your blog!!! i am a kinda sorta jet-setter as well ;) i LOVE to travel!