Thursday, October 27, 2011


He's been called "Bermuda's Friendliest Man," or "The Most Popular Man in Bermuda," and supposedly a visit to the island wouldn't be complete without meeting him, so damn straight I had to go and meet Bermuda's own Johnny Barnes while I was there!
Johnny Barnes is a retired bus driver, who now spends his mornings doing what he used to do while he was a bus driver (minus the driving and the paycheck).  He wakes up early each weekday morning to spend a few hours (from 5am-10am) at the Crow Lane roundabout waving and telling passersby "Good Morning!"  Rain or shine he's always there and has been doing this same thing since 1983!!!  Johnny Barnes is so committed to doing what he does that Bermudians even made a statue of him which you can find very close to where he stands.
 He loves to chat it up with visitors and pose for pictures.  He gives big hugs and even said a prayer with us when we went over to meet him.  Johnny Barnes wears a smile on his face, and I promise if you meet him, you'll be smiling all day long too!

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