Thursday, January 12, 2012


So guess what was on t.v. the other night?  The Layover- Montreal edition (Yes, I missed it the first time it aired which was before I jet setted to Montreal...oh well, still cool to watch).  Here's where Tony ate. (Need to try these spots).  Yes,  I have mad respect for where Tony goes.

(1) Beauty's Luncheonette (Yep, the same place I went).  He orders the Beauty's Classic (salmon lox bagel).

(2) St. Viateur Bagel Shop (I preferred Fairmount Bagel instead, but this is what Tony says).

(3) Club Social- Good place to have a latte or coffee in the Mile End neighborhood.

(4) Marche Jean Talon- An amazing farmers market! I tried to go, but it was closed due to the New Years holiday :(

(5) Club Chasse Et Peche in Old Montreal.  He gets a duck dish.

(6) L'emporte Piece in the Plateau area.  Here you should order a grilled cheese sandwich which comes with swiss cheese, and braised beef shoulder.  It looked amazing!

(7) Marven's in the Park Extension area.  You go here for some Old World Greek food.  Get calamari and a rib steak.

(8) Brasserie Capri in Sud-Ouest neighborhood.  It's a Canadian pub that's truly authentic.  You go here to order large glasses of bear and pork knuckle with boiled potatoes and pea soup.

(9) Dominion Square Tavern in Downtown.  Dominion Square has been around since 1927- it was one of the first tavern's in Montreal.  Order Moule Frites and bacon.

(10) Gibeau Orange Julep on Decarie Boulevard.  This is the oldest drive-in movie in Quebec- around since 1932.  How cool?  This is where you go for greasy food, an orange julep drink and a flick!

(11) Joe Beef in the Little Burgandy neighborhood.  The menu here changes daily.  It may be really hard to get a reservation.  In which case, you can go to one or both of the following places.

(12) L'Express in The Plateau area.  A good brasserie.  Order steak frites.

(13) Rotisserie Romados also in the Plateau area.  This place serves Portuguese chicken which is roasted.  You can get regular sauce or spicy sauce and it's really inexpensive.

(14) Brasserie T in Downtown.

(15) Big in Japan in the Plateau area.  Awesome Japanese food and is open 7 days a week until 3am.

(16) Nouveau Palais in the Mile End neighborhood.  This is where you go to get a really good taco.

(17) Schwartz's Deli in The Plateau.  This place is really good.  I know, cause I was there too!  Just like I told you to get, he ordered a smoked meat sandwich, a cherry soda and a pickle.  Delicious!!!

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