Thursday, March 13, 2014


Talk about fun for the entire family...Legoland is an awesome and unique park good for little kids and even big ones like us!  I guess now that I'm a "boy mom," I'm automatically supposed to love legos, but I have to say even if you're not, and not into legos, you will still enjoy this place.  First of all, it's huge and there are so many rides and so much to do.  Secondly, everything around the park is constructed out of legos from small little animal statues to a giant replica of the New York City skyline and the Taj Mahal (and there are signs telling you how many legos it took to construct from hundreds to tens of thousands).  There were plenty of small rides that my kids could enjoy, and there were a lot of rides that Rich and I had so much fun on.  We went on a train ride, drove lego cars, went on a plane ride and a boat ride, to name a few.  The place is so colorful, and there is so much beautiful natural scenery around too- it's so pretty!  Now I have to say, I've heard from a lot of people and even read it a lot online, Legoland is pretty expensive.  In fact, the price to get into Legoland is pretty comparable to what it costs to get into Disneyland- which is sort of crazy.  That being said, I really do think it's worth every penny because the place is enormous.  There are ways you can reduce the price of your entrance fee like going in the afternoon and only staying for two hours.  But, since we planned our trip that we only had one day to be there we figured why not go for it.  Legoland was amazing, and if you have kids between 4-10 years old, you really should check this place out!

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