Thursday, June 26, 2014


Last summer Rich came to me with the idea of joining a CSA.  I said "CSA, what's that?"  I went on to find out that CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, which basically means it's a way for us (the consumer) to buy local, seasonal vegetables from a farmer.  I was nursing Brody at the time and thought it sounded great because I'd be eating a lot of fresh, healthy foods and passing it onto him.  Then when he told me we were joining a start-up CSA by three Brooklynites who moved to New Jersey to begin this wonderful program, the New York born and based/frequent New Jersey shore girl couldn't be happier.  Every week we would get a huge basket full of amazing green things like lettuce, mixed field greens, kale, radishes, garlic scapes, cauliflower, tomatoes, carrots and eggs just to name a few.

We loved it and found it to be a thing we looked forward to each week....what would we get?  What meals would we cook with our ingredients?  Plus, the boys loved visiting the farm and seeing all the animals run free.

 So we decided to sign up again this year, and to treat ourselves!  In addition to the "share" of a fresh green weekly basket and eggs, we also signed up to receive fresh wildflowers, and homemade soap.

We can't say enough about joining a CSA!  It's great for the environment, it's wonderful to help local farmers fulfill their dreams, and it's a reason for our family to eat right and eat different things in a fun way! I love starting my day enjoying my weekly fresh flowers from the farm.  If you are not part of a CSA, check if there is one near you...I promise you will love it!

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