Thursday, January 15, 2015


Our second day in Barcelona, was our first full day in the city.  
So the first thing we decided to do was to get on the hop on hop off bus.
 We always love to do that in a new city, because it's a good way to get your lay of the land, get a good look at the city, and pick and chose the areas you want to spend more time in.  The first place we got off was at L'Aquarium Barcelona to check out the fish and animals with the boys.  It's a really nice aquarium with so much to do!

Afterwards, we enjoyed lunch on the pier as we enjoyed the view.

The boys then went on the carousel before we got back on the bus. 

At this point, Brody and I were tired, and I was feeling a bit under the weather so the two of us went back to the hotel.  Rich, Richie and Rich's parents continued on and got off by the beach. 

Barcelona is really a beautiful city, and it has a beach...that's a win win in my book! 
More on our trip coming up this Monday!

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