Monday, January 25, 2010


How many of you made the same New Year's resolution AGAIN this year- to lose weight? (Yes, my hand is up too!) The question really is...have you started doing it yet? (For me, the answer would be NO!) Well how about jet setting somewhere incredible and beautiful, having an amazing vacation, and coming back five to ten pounds skinnier? OK, I officially sound like an infomercial now, but all kidding aside, Escape to Shape is the answer.
Escape to Shape considers itself a traveling fitness spa. Basically, the program includes a vacation to a fantastic locale with luxurious accommodations, a total-body workout everyday (like pilates, yoga, hiking, biking, swimming, etc.), eating healthy delicious cuisine, spa treatments, and cultural excursions. Guys don't tune out, plenty of men go on these trips every year!

Here's an example of a Day in the Life at Escape to Shape:

8:00am- Breakfast of fresh fruit, yogurt and granola

9:00am- Skin-Detox session at Volcanic mud baths

12:00pm- 90 minute power walk on the beach

1:30pm- Lunch of gazpacho soup and grilled chicken salad

3:00pm- 50 laps in the pool and aromatherapy massages

4:00pm- Snack of watermelon slices

5:30pm- 90 minute vinyasa yoga session

7:00pm- Salsa dancing lessons

8:00pm- Dinner of pumpkin soup and grilled shrimp

10:00pm- Head out and dance till dawn or collapse into bed

Upcoming Trips:

Napa Valley, California/ January 29-31, 2010

Buzios, Brazil/ March, 2010

Marrakech, Morrocco/ May, 2010

St. Petersburg, Russia/ July, 2010

Cartegena de Indias, Colombia/ November, 2010

***The price of one of these trips costs about $3,000. But, the Napa one is on sale now for $1,350. It's certainly not cheap, but it is an experience all around.***

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  1. Hello Lori and thank you for writing about Escape To Shape in your blog today- we appreciate it!