Friday, January 29, 2010


When I jet set, I always seem to have a lot to carry with me on the plane. I like to bring my Travel-U pillow, my N-A-P travel blanket and eye mask, book/magazines, i-pod, get the idea! Well, I have not only found a great bag to take it all with me in, but the bag is also very Environmentally Friendly. Meet the Maggie Bags!!! They are bags made out of seat belts that were rejected by the manufacturer. I didn't know this, but every year, MILLIONS of yards of seat belt webbing are turned down for the slightest color variation, making the strap useless to the auto maker...CRAZY!!! Well bad color or not, seat belts are obviously very durable (they can help save lives, right?), and so these bags certainly are meant to last! The company is working on a large Carry-On Tote right now which should be available very soon. They also have Tote bags, Messenger bags, Hobo bags, Laptop bags, Backpacks and Diaper bags. In the meantime, I'm loving their large tote (which comes in all different colors from red, to orange, Green, multi, and your basic black) for $87. I say you can't go wrong with the black.

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  1. It is such a great idea to manufacture bags out of rejected seat belts. Like you, even I carry a lot of stuff on the plane with me, so much so that a typical purse just isn’t enough to hold everything. I got so tired of trying to fit everything in my handbag that I decided to get a backpack. I looked at some great laptop backpacks from Briggs and Riley and finally bought the Glide backpack - reason being: I It didn’t look like a typical laptop backpack, and could be used for various purposes. Check out their collection of laptop backpacks. I think some of them are on sale right now, so you may end up getting a great deal!