Thursday, May 6, 2010


Many of my readers often share their lost luggage stories with me, and I can feel their pain. It's truly the pits when you jet set somewhere and your luggage doesn't make it to the destination. (I'm freaking out because I'm jet setting this weekend and since it's going to be such a long trip, I think I might have to check my luggage...fingers crossed that it gets to where I'm going!) Anyway, the more and more I hear the stories, the more I think that carry-on is the way to go (not to mention the expensive checked luggage fees many airlines have recently added). So, here are five affordable spring/summer candidates that are cute and can hold a lot!

Topshop's Large Exotic Flower Holdall for $70.
JCrew's Overnight Canvas Bag for $36.50 Lands' End Ragtop Stripe Tote for $34.50
Roxy's Daybreak Bag for $115 Le Sport Sac's Large Weekender for $108 (My personal favorite...and the one I own!)

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