Thursday, August 4, 2011


So yes it's been awhile jet setters since I've written about my jet setting excursions, but it's been a busy summer with lots of things going on with family and friends. With that being said, I recently returned from a trip to Puerto Rico where I got to try Kasalta Bakery (the bakery where President Obama ate on his recent tip to the island). I have to say, for all the times I've been to Puerto Rico, I am surprised I've never been to Kasalta. Boy have I been missing out!

On the menu, of course, was a medianoche sandwich (the sandwich President Obama had). The sandwich was delicious! It tastes just like a cuban sandwich, but it's served on challah bread instead f white bread. I have to say that it's nice having the sweetness of the challah bread because it really balances out the saltiness of the sandwich. I also couldn't resist trying some of their empanadillas (fried dough filled with meat- I tried chicken and beef), they were awesome! They are served warm, and because they are so small, you could easily throw back a few without even noticing! I surely did!

Kasalta is a bakery, so in addition to serving savory dishes, you must try their sweets. Everything is made on the premises, and is made daily, and because the place is always packed with locals, things fly off the shelves, so you know what you are getting is really fresh. I tried an assortment of their pastries, but my favorites were the Quesito (a sweet flakey pastry filled with a mixture of cream cheese and ricotta cheese...OMG, was I hooked the minute I tried it. The other thing I highly recommend ordering is a Mallorca (round bread that is cut opened and buttered, then toasted and topped with powdered sugar)'s the perfect breakfast treat with a cup of coffee. You can find Quesitos and Mallorcas all over Puerto Rico, but I have to say that Kasalta served one of the best Quesitos locally that I tried while I was there.
Now, I find myself craving Kasalta regularly and can't wait to jet set to P.R. again soon for it!

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  1. Every year at the end of November we spend at least 4-5 day on PR. During that time we eat at Kasalta at least 4 6 times. Everyday we have a Cubano and a double coffee for breakfast and we have dinner here at least twice. PR has some amazing places to eat but this is PR's answer to Cheers. We are welcomed at any table with extra seats, it's family style seating, and are included in the conversations going on, not only at the table we are setting at, but tables around us.

    We love this place!