Monday, August 22, 2011


It's touted as Puerto Rico's best beach town- with emerald hills, crystal water and beautiful sunsets- I'm talking about Rincon, Puerto Rico. And for all of the times I had jet setted to Puerto Rico, I had never been to Rincon, that is until my last trip. I finally decided to go because I needed to know for myself, and for my jet setting clients, if this destination is worth it when visiting the island. So, I rented a car and drove the two and a half hours from San Juan to spend the day.

Rincon means corner in Spanish, and is an appropriate name for this town which is located on the Northwest corner of the island. At this corner, the Atlantic Ocean meets up with the Carribean Sea. There are more than 8 miles of beaches in Rincon, and all of them are public.

Rincon is not the type of resort destination that has one long strip of hotels, shops and restaurants- the feel here is much more intimate. Rincon is home to many of the best surfing beaches in Puerto Rico- so be aware that the water and tide can be be a bit rough. I would suggest coming to this side of the island if you like water sports and adventure. If you are looking for more relaxing beaches to just hang out on, then head here for the day like I did, and plan more of your trip in San Juan or other parts of the island that have more sand and less surf.

Downtown Rincon is a 240 year old quaint and very small town. Make sure to head to one of the local cafeterias for some cafe and delicious pastries.

Here is the church in the center of town- so picturesque.

While driving around to explore the different beaches, you'll find tons of fruit stands selling the best bananas and mangoes you will ever try.

The scenery is absolutely beautiful- the animals are hanging out and enjoying the chill lifestyle here.

Everything is so lush and green- everywhere you go, you are surrounded by huge palm trees and a stunning coast.

The Punta Higuero Lighthouse is a well known spot and symbolic of Rincon. The original one was built in 1893, but only lasted 28 years after it was destroyed by an earthquake. This one was built in 1921.

El Faro park surrounds the lighthouse. This is a popular spot for tourists, events, surfing and whale watching.

Today Rincon remains part of the "Undiscovered Caribbean," and I suggest discovering it if you are ever in Puerto Rico and are looking for a more chilled and relaxing vacation, or if you are a big surfer. I'm glad I finally decided to rent a car and explore more of this beautiful island. Rincon was a perfect day trip for me while I was staying in San Juan.
Puerto Rico has so much to offer, and that's why I go time and time again.

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