Monday, April 28, 2014


Donuts and kronuts (a croissant-donut) have been all the rave in big cities lately.  They are for sure in New York, and on our recent trip to San Diego we noticed the same thing.  Well there is a place in Farmingdale, New Jersey that supposedly has donuts and kronuts that rival the ones people line up for hours for in New York City, and it's called DOCO.
DOCO is short for The Donut & Coffee Company.  They opened last year, and they have been serving up yummy donuts and coffee (locally made Ward coffee) ever since!  A friend of mine had told me about DOCO The Donut & Coffee Company while Rich and I were juicing a couple of weeks ago, and I knew we had to try it as soon as we were done!  We finally got a chance to try it yesterday and boy were we impressed!

 The donuts are fried fresh when you order them, and they are served warm and gooey...perfection all the way!!!  You get to chose the topping for your donut and the filling for your kronut...and they have it all from your basic glazed, jelly and creme, to outrageous flavors like bacon, french toast and cannoli donuts!!!

 We tried raspberry jelly filled, a Snow Drift (rolled in powdered sugar), a Cookie Monster (vanilla glaze & crushed oreos), a Smoking O (honey glazed), Asbury Rainbow (vanilla glaze & rainbow sprinkles, and a Route 66 (chocolate glaze , chocolate chips & coconut flakes).
 For our kronut, we decided to go with boston creme for our was our favorite...hands down!
 As you can see from our faces, we absolutely loved them, and devoured our half dozen without even blinking!

If it wouldn't stick to my thighs for years, I could probably have a DOCO donut, kronut and a cup of coffee for breakfast every morning!  This place is worth the drive if you are in Jersey, and even if you aren't!!!  FYI...DOCO is open daily!

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