Tuesday, February 10, 2015


As a mom to a now 4 year old (sniff sniff), Wild Kratts has certainly become a part of my life!  We watch the show quite often, we saw Wild Kratts Live, and my son even wanted a Wild Kratts themed party for his birthday celebration at school!  Well, considering the PBS show is fairly new, there are no party decorations to be found in stores or online ANYWHERE, and when I even called my local bakery for a cake...they said to me what most people say when you tell them the name of the show"Wild What?"  So, I certainly had my work cut out for me!!!
After having no luck at Party City and Toys R Us, I went onto Etsy.com (one of my favorite websites) and found a Wild Kratts printable birthday banner and some creature power discs.  I bought them, downloaded them, and had them printed at Staples.  I then bought animal-themed ribbon at JoAnn's and cut out the letters and made the banner.  I was so happy with how it came out, and my son was ecstatic!

Next, I bought creature power suits in green and blue (the colors the Kratt brothers Chris and Martin wear on the show) at Toys R Us to give out as party favors to the kids in his class.  I had all of the kids wear their suits at the party which they loved, and it really helped make it more Wild Kratts themed.  On the boxes the suits came in, I taped the paper creature power discs I had downloaded from Etsy.com and wrote each child's name on it.
For the snacks, I only bought animal shaped foods...Goldfish...Gummy Bunnies...Animal Crackers...and Cheddar Bunny Mixed Pretzel snacks.

I also bought bottles of fruit punch, ripped off the labels and taped creature power discs onto the bottles and wrote "Creature Power Punch!"  

My mother-in-law got the animal themed cupcakes and Wild Kratts creature power suit cake from Glace Cake Studio.  Both looked amazing!!!  

For the entertainment, I got Jumping' Jamie to come to play the guitar and sing to the kids.  He was terrific!  He knew nothing about the show when I called him, but he told me he would keep it animal themed.  Well, he not only kept the one hour show fun and animal themed by playing animal songs, showing pictures of animals to the kids, having them act out their favorite animal movements and sounds, playing limbo and parachute, but he also learned the Wild Kratts theme song and sang it with his guitar to the kids!  He was the absolute highlight of the party, and I highly recommend him if you are planning a kids birthday party in the New York Metro area!!!

 I also couldn't resist buying this elephant sweater to wear to the party for $20 from Marshalls!!!  
I often wonder if I missed my calling in life (I think I should have been a teacher)! LOL!!!  In all seriousness, it really was a Wildly Fun Wild Kratts party!  
Hope this post is helpful for any mom out there who may need to throw a Wild Kratts birthday party for their son or daughter in the future!  

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