Tuesday, February 17, 2015


It's probably scenes like this one over and over again this winter that have me craving warmer weather and jet setting to an amazing place...but, can you blame me?  I'm so OVER all of the cold and snow!
So now seems like the perfect time to talk about a resort that truly is one of a kind- the One and Only Palmilla Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico.  I've written about the resort before here, and it's a place that is still top on my list to visit one day as a getaway with only the hubby. (Don't get me wrong, we love taking our kids everywhere, and thus far have brought them to every place we've been.  But, sometimes it's just nice to have a getaway with only your spouse).  The One and Only Palmilla Resort is a beachfront property that overlooks the Sea of Cortez and San Jose del Cabo.  It has a private beach, infinity pools, a top-notch spa, great restaurants, and offers first-class service.  It's a magical place where all of your needs will be met, and where you can go and just relax with your hubby for a few days without ever having to leave.

(Photo Credit: The One and Only Palmilla Resort)
That being said, Rich and I are the adventurous type, and when we go, there is one restaurant I would want to check out- Flora's Field Kitchen; an incredibly beautiful ten acre farm where all of the food on your table comes from!  From what I've heard and read- it's a MUST if you are in Cabo.
(Photo Credit: kristinschell.com)
Well that's all for now on this snowy Tuesday.  Remember, if you are thinking about traveling to the One and Only Palmilla Resort or anywhere else, email us for help and ideas for your trip!

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