Friday, October 23, 2009


Back in the day, fanny packs were all the rage. I'll even break down and admit that I sported a few at one time myself. Then there was a phase where you wouldn't be caught dead with a fanny pack on. Now, like all things do, the fanny has come full circle and is acceptable to wear again thanks to better styles and the fact that high end brands even carry them.

I told you that I am getting ready to jet set somewhere cold soon, where we'll be doing a little bit of hiking. My friend is coming with us and told me that she bought a fanny the other day to hold her camera, sunglasses and other stuff when we hike...and that peaked my interest again in the fanny bag. I did a little bit of shopping around and I want to share with you what I found. I haven't bought anything I was hoping you could tell me which one you think I should get. Or, maybe I'm just getting old and so my tastes are if you think that it's horrendously ugly and not worth the purchase...feel free to let me know that too! :-)

1- Shiny Denim Fanny Pack from American Apparel: Price $17
2- Patagonia Hip Pack from Zappos: Price $46 3- Belt Bag by Gucci (I had to throw this in there...I've been wanting one forever!): Price $525

4- LeSportSac Double Zip Belt Bag: Price $54 5- The North Face Sport Hiker Waist Pack at EMS: Price $69

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  1. I just got one for my trip to Iceland. It's perfect for freeing up my hands while I'm climbing glaicers. Don't have to worry about anything falling out. I'm down with sporting a Fanny!