Thursday, October 8, 2009


Je T'aime Paris! I love Paris! And you know what, who doesn't? It is one of the most incredible cities in the world! Well, our good friends Becca & Saleem are jet setting there tomorrow to celebrate Becca's 30th birthday (Happy B-Day my friend!:-) and so they asked me if I coud recommend anything for them to do while they are there. I have not been to Paris since 2007...back before Jet Set my notes aren't the greatest, but here's what I came up with for them. I am sharing it with you all in case you jet set to Paris soon!

Things to Do:
- Definitely take the Bateaux Mouches boat ride along the River Sienne- and do it on your first day there. They offer a dinner cruise, which I would not do (cheezy, and not great food), but definitely go for the ride during the day so you can see the sites and take pictures in the light, and also it's a good way to get a lay of the land for your next days where you will be walking to all of the attractions.- See the Eiffel Tower..a must! Take the elevator all of the way up to the top. I also recommend going to see the Eiffel Tower in the early evening when there are less crowds, and also because the tower is lit at night...and it truly is so romantic to be there when this happens!
- Grab some awesome bread, cheese, and wine, and have a little picnic at Jardin de Luxenbourg. This garden is beautiful beyond words. - Go to the Louvre Museum. Make sure you get your picture of the Louvre Pyrmaid out in the front...- The Venus de Milo statue...- The Winged Victory of Samothrace- Make sure to see Notre Dame both on the inside and walk all around it to see and appreciate the gorgeous architecture.- Walk along the famous Champs Elysses (cheezy & filled with not great stores, but a must do) and check out the Arc de Triumph at the end of it...and definitely go to the top of it for breathtaking views of the city. Here you can really get a good sense for how the city is gridded.- Check out the city of Montmarte. See the Sacre Couer church and check out the views from this city which is the highest point in's beautiful.- Walk along the cobblestone streets and buy artwork in the center square from local artists.- If you are hungry, stop in to this AMAZING Creperie- LE TIR BOUCHON and order the one with ham & cheese.- If you have the extra time and days, hop the metro and go to the city of Versailles to see the Chateau de Versailles... - It is so incredibly beautiful and romantic...- Make sure to see the Galerie de Glaces (Hall of Mirrors) at Chateau de Versailles- Also see the Gardens, and definitely rent a canoe and ride out on the lake so you can take it all in.Eating:
- Our favorite restaurant in Paris: AU BRIN DE ZINC. This place is the REAL deal, completely filled with Parisians, menu is in French, the waiters speak French...this is why you jet setted all the way to Paris...not to sit with Americans, speaking English, right? The wine list is inexpensive and really good.- Another great spot for dinner: CHEZ PAPA
- Perhaps the most famous cafe in all of Paris: CAFE DE FLORE. It's overpriced, but you still must go and grab either a glass of wine or a croque monsiuer and people watch.- You will see crepe stands on the street...go ahead and get's really good! We ordered banana and chocolate...yummy!- Our favorite bar/cafe for a great night scene: LA PALETTE. This is where people go after work and stay and drink all night. It's fun to people watch, see what the women are wearing, and feel like you are really a part of the culture.
- Make sure you eat a ridiculous amount of baguettes...they are worth the calories. We found this great place- LE GRENIER A PAIN in Montmarte...but you'll see places everywhere. Get them hot and eat them good, no butter is required!- Chocolate and red two favorite things in life. Well MICHEL CHOCOLAT CLUIZEL is a gorgeous store with beautiful pieces of chocolate. - We stayed at Hotel Le Lutetia on Blvd. Raspail on the left bank. I absolutely love the left bank for shopping and cafes. It's very trendy and much more casual than the right bank where all of the sites are. After seeing all of the tourists things on the right, make sure to head to the'll love it!

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  1. I have not been to Paris in many years. So I've forgotton the must-see sites & how beautiful the city is. Thanks for the restaurant recommendations!!