Thursday, October 29, 2009


There are resorts, and then there are RESORTS...and the One & Only Palmilla in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico is a one & only luxury RESORT! How does a poolside foot massage & a sunglasses cleaning sound, or how about margarita ice pops? Those are just some of the amenities at this amazing 5-star resort. But, luxury always comes with an super-expensive price tag ($525-$1500 a night). Well listen up, my fellow jet setters, due to the talk of swine flu in Mexico and the negative result it's having on tourism there, the One & Only Palmilla is dropping it's prices for the fall. (Not to worry, the swine flu has not been an issue at all at the One & Only Palmilla)

So here's the deal, superior rooms are now going for only $367 a night from November 1st through December 18th. That price includes breakfast and wellness classes, plus an experience like no other at one of the Top 10 Resorts in Mexico according to Travel + Leisure Magazine. There is an infinity pool and every room has an ocean view and butler service...this truly is a RESORT! So get set to jet set and start all we need to do is find a good deal on a flight!

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