Monday, August 16, 2010


It came in second at the box office this weekend, but last place in my opinion. To sum it up in one word...DISAPPOINTING! Although my hopes weren't high from the start about how good the movie would actually be, I did a least think that there would be beautiful scenery shots of Italy, India and Bali that would sort of make up for the $10.50 cost of the movie. However, there were not. The only cool part to me was when Liz and her friend went to Naples for some true Italian pizza...and where did they go? None other than Da Michele...the oldest (1870) pizzeria in Naples, and best pizzeria in all of Italy in my opinion. I was there in 2008 and had their classic Margherita Pizza...
Other than that, It truly was a waste of two hours and thirteen minutes of my life. And honestly, having Julia Roberts play the role of Liz Gilbert was not the best casting choice in my opinion. The entire movie, I couldn't stop thinking about the fact that Julia was playing the part...I think the role should have gone more to a "B List" actress. In conclusion, don't waste your money or your time going to see the movie in the theatre (just wait to see it on t.v.). But, if you are so inclined to join the Eat, Pray, Love phenomenon...spend your money more wisely and buy the book. The book was WAY better!

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