Thursday, August 12, 2010


Whenever I jet set, there are some mandatory items that I have to bring along to make me a happy here to see what they are. In addition, to these things, there are six other must haves that you will always find in my carry-on bag. They include...Aquaphor- I use this stuff on my hands, cuticles and feet, which all seem to get dry whenever I fly...Colgate Wisps- Bathrooms on airplanes tend to be dirty, but I still feel the need to brush my teeth before I land just to feel refreshed, and wisps are the answer! They are disposable mini-toothbrushes that come with toothpaste on them, and no water or rinsing is required to use them....Carmex- For dry, chapped lips, this stuff is my absolute favorite, plus I just love the way it smells and the tingly feeling it gives you when you put it on...Tiger Balm-It's motto is "Works Wherever It Hurts," and it does! This stuff is the best when you have a sore neck or achy feet from a long flight. Just rub on a little bit, enjoy the smell and the warm relief you get. (It doesn't burn like Bengay does.)Baby Wipes- You can use them pretty much all over your body to make you feel fresh and smell clean too! And the last thing is Purell Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer- with all of the germs on a plane and in an airport, need I say more?What do you jet setters bring along when you travel? Please share with all of us! Happy Jetting!!!

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