Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Today would be the day when we would leave Kobuchizawa and head to Mount Fuji (The highest mountain in Japan)! Before heading out, Choco-San and Hide-San prepared an incredible breakfast of salmon, fried eggs, rice and miso soup for us. Boy, would I miss these delicious home cooked meals. Our time in Kobuchizawa was incredible. We made forever friends with this family, and many tears were shed as we said our goodbyes.The journey from Kobuchizawa to Mount Fuji took about two hours. When we arrived, we headed to the base of the mountain for some spectacular pictures. Mount Fuji is over 12-thousand feet high...it is quite a site to see in person. I was so impressed by its beauty that I cried when I saw it. Afterwards, it was off to the Hotel Kaneyamaen...which is located pretty much at the base of Mount Fuji- so as you can see from the picture below, the views of the mountain are amazing!We stayed in a typical ryokan-style room and slept on tatami mats on the floor...We also enjoyed a private bath off our ryokan with a view of Mount Fuji from the tub...how cool is that? It was hard not to stare at this amazing natural beauty all day long.There is also a large public bath which we checked out. This is a big part of the Japanese culture. Men and women have separate baths, but just know that you do go in naked! After changing into our Yukata (or Japanese comfy robes that can be worn in private or in public), we explored the beautiful grounds of the hotel...And experienced a traditional tea ceremony...Before heading to a gourmet nine-course dinner of sushi, sashimi, steak, and fish.One night here felt like an entire relaxing week-long vacation.Stay tuned for my post on my last day in Tokyo!

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