Friday, November 4, 2011


I'm in love with our Nikon D5000 camera which takes amazing pictures and videos- it's the best way to document all of our jet setting.
What I am not in love with is how BIG and AWKWARD and HEAVY our camera bag is.  When hubby is lugging it around I don't seem to mind, but when I have to carry the load, I'm not so happy. :-(
 What's my solution?  Well, a stylish camera bag of course that also doubles as a really CUTE handbag.  Just check it out.  It's called THEIT bag...and I am loving IT!
 It doesn't look like a camera bag, but it's still big bough to hold your camera with the lens attached.  In fact, according to their website, it can carry the camera body, 2-4 lenses (depending on size), flash, battery, cell phone and other miscellaneous accessories (i.e: make-up, gum, keys, etc.)  I also think it's stylishly classic as it looks like a Chanel bag.  But, most importantly, it's water resistant, sturdy and has both long and short straps, so you can use it as a regular handbag when you a not carrying a camera around with you.
 The bag retails for $159.  It comes in five different colors:  Black, Retro Brown, Gravel (Grey), White, and Fawn (Taupe).
 So, husband (since I know you are reading this), I'll forever be happy to lug your camera around if I have one of these in black!!! :-)

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