Wednesday, November 2, 2011


A classic Bermuda institution is  The Swizzle Pub and Restaurant.  It's Bermuda's oldest and most famous pub.  There are actually two of them on the island (the original which opened in 1932 and the one that popped up a few years ago in 2005).  And if you are in Bermuda, visiting one is a must for ambiance, for some grub, but most importantly, for a rum swizzle!  After all, their motto is "Swizzle In and Swagger Out!"  Unfortunately, I didn't get to see the original one while I was there (which is supposed to be very cool with thousands of business cards tacked on the walls and people's signatures scribbled on the bar), but I did get a chance to have lunch and a Rum Swizzle at the newer restaurant and I have to say I was impressed all around.
 I honestly wasn't expecting the food to be good, but it definitely was!  I tried two different kinds of their fish sandwiches: (1) Back O'Town Fish Sandwich- breaded fish piled high on a bun with shredded lettuce, tomato, spicy slaw and tartar sauce.  I also added the hot peppers!
And (2) Bailey's Bay Fish Sandwich (the original)- huge grilled sandwich on bread with battered fish, tomato, melted cheddar and tartar sauce.  Both were very good, but the Back O'Town rocked!!!  It was crispy delicious goodness, while the Bailey's reminded me of a slightly better version of a McDonald's McFish sandwich (and I mean that sincerely, not in a way to knock the sandwich which I still thought was very good).
Now to the Rum Swizzle.  It was amazing as I certainly washed down a couple of pitchers while I was there. This one was different from the one I had at Hog Penny- it was more orange/peach in color- probably because of the different juices they used in it.  But, this is the this is the way a Rum Swizzle should taste!
So if you jet set to Bermuda, try to make it to one of the Swizzle Pubs on the island for some great grub and swizzle!

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