Tuesday, November 8, 2011


When it came time to pick a cruise to Bermuda, there really was no choice because of the itineraries offered when sailing out of New York to Bermuda.  You see, due to the size of the cruise ships, one of the ONLY ships that sails out of New York which can dock in downtown Hamilton, Bermuda is Holland America Line's M/S Veendam.  This is a HUGE deal because all of the other ships are too large and have to dock at the Royal Navy Dockyard in Bermuda (way far away from anything- especially the action of downtown Hamilton).  Below are a bunch of pictures (some from their website and a few we took), and I have also done a PRO/CONS list.  As you'll see, there are a lot more PROS than CONS!

Size of cruise ship- not too large and able to dock in downtown Hamilton
Staff- the nicest, most accommodating, and friendliest people ever!
Food- it was absolutely delicious!!!  I was amazed!!!
Room Size- HUGE (compared to other cruise ships I have been on- this blew my mind)

A little bit of an older ship- not as updated as some newer cruise ships out there
Smoking (this is a European ship peeps!!!  So every room is a smoking room- not my fave, but thankfully it didn't smell in the room)

Other than the dates (and the fact that we made a stop first in St. George's, Bermuda before continuing on to Hamilton), this basically was the itinerary of our trip which was absolutely perfect!  It was so great to be docked in downtown Hamilton and be able to get off and on the ship as many times as we wanted so we could go into downtown, or take a taxi to the beach, or check out places like Art Mel's- you get the idea.  It was like staying in a floating hotel, and when we left Bermuda, I felt like I had such a good feel for the island.

026 Aug 2012New York, New York, US04:45 PM
127 Aug 2012At Sea
228 Aug 2012Hamilton, Bermuda ON10:00 AM
329 Aug 2012Hamilton, Bermuda ON
430 Aug 2012Hamilton, Bermuda ON
531 Aug 2012Hamilton, Bermuda02:00 PM
601 Sep 2012At Sea
702 Sep 2012New York, New York, US07:00 AM
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