Friday, December 2, 2011


Tis the holiday shopping season!  And what's cuter than a handmade gift?  Unfortunately, I'm not too crafty, but thankfully Ilene better known as Illy is!  She has a cute little fashion blog, and sells her fabulous creations at her Etsy shop.  I just purchased one of her OOAK Bubblegum and Hot Chocolate Poppy Corsage pins for $18 (which looks similar to picture below) earlier this week which I am anxiously waiting to arrive in the mail.
She also sells cute rings, earrings and headbands.  Her stuff is so colorful, and can add a great pop to your wardrobe.  I have my eye on this Crushing on You Poppy Garland headband which can also double as a necklace which only costs $13.
To me there's nothing better than a gift that won't break the bank and that's handmade.  
You Rock Much Love, Illy!

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  1. oh my goodness - thank you for your sweet words! this was such a lovely shout-out...i'm flattered. :)

    p.s. cute blog - esp. since i loooove traveling myself!