Thursday, December 15, 2011


That's Bumble Cafe's motto... and the idea behind it is Just.Plain.Awesome!  Bumble Cafe, located in Los Altos, California (near San Fransisco) is a new concept cafe and play space for families.  Owner and mom of three, Mary Heffernan, wanted to create a space where parents could enjoy a meal and socialize while their kids have a place to play under the watchful eye of babysitters.  You see Bumble Cafe has an onsite play area, so you can leave the kids there to have a good time while you have breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks and know that they're not too far away and being cared for the entire time.  
So check it is where you MEET...
Now look at the playspace that's JUST FOR KIDS!!!  This is where they could PLAY...
Plus, all of the food at Bumble Cafe is local and farm-to-table fresh.  
Talk about awesome and fresh GRUB.

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