Friday, August 21, 2009


Traveling and jet-setting the world is my passion! But like many, I like to be smart about it. I like to do my research and find out when is the best time to go somewhere (not always the touristy, more expensive times, but the shoulder seasons where you can still get good weather, but don't pay through the nose for it.)

I like to find the best food (not always the five star restaurants listed in the guide books, but the places the locals tell you about when you are there.) I love to find art, jewelry and fashion by local designers, and most importantly, I try to experience all there is to experience about a place when I am that way if I never return I know I've really gotten a good taste for my destination.

My idea about smart jet-setting is this...if you are a smart traveler, you will want to do the following on your next journey:

Save money
Make the most of your trip
Adapt to local culture

So stay tuned, I am working on putting together my JetSetSmart travel lists for you to have. They will NOT be like the 200-300 page travel guide books out there, but rather short lists of my recommendations on what I like. Remember, they will be totally subjective and in no way absolute guides to travel...but they will cover the smart stuff.

In the meantime, I hope you JetSet your way to my blog and start JetSetting the Smart way!

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