Thursday, August 27, 2009


Happy Birthday to my sister Natasha! (The one in the middle in pic on right) She has jet setted to L.A. for her of my favorite cities!

L.A. has it all in my opinion. It's culturally diverse, it has plenty of beaches and palm trees, great weather, some amazing restaurants and, of course, excellent shopping. Plus, there is so much to do in Los Angeles- from walking the Hollywood strip or Rodeo Drive or Robertson Boulevard, to spending the day at the Santa Monica Pier or in Malibu, to an afternoon at the Original L.A. Farmer's Market...the list can just go on and on. Plus, you are almost always guaranteed to see at least one celebrity while you are there. (See pic of me & Jada Pinkett-Smith below- I just had to! :-)

I would say a good price for a round-trip, non-stop, flight from New York is around $300 and change (Of course, depending on when you book & how long you stay). It's a six hour flight, but with the time difference, you gain more playtime when you go.

I haven't been in two years, and all this LaLa Land talk is making me want to go back!


  1. Nice pic of you and Jada...

  2. Hey Lori, Thanks for the Birthday wish! L.A. is a beautiful & fun place to visit. I've just returned from my trip. I enjoyed the Getty Villa museum, body-surfed in Malibu, & walked to the top of Mt. Olympic (Laurel Canyon). I had a great time! The 5.5-6hr flight from the east coast is worth it. Travel time flies by with a good book &/or movie. p.s. I agree w/Dawn. It is a nice pic of you & Jada. NMR

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