Sunday, August 23, 2009


The only bad thing about jetsetting is the sad feeling I get when a trip is about to end. Luckily, I have found a great way to keep the excitement of a recent adventure going long after I return home - recreating meals that I've had while I was away! That way, I can bring the city or country I just visited to my own home.

On a recent trip to Italy, my husband and I had an AMAZING steak salad at a restaurant in Rome. It was so delicious and so easy to make, that we've had it many times since. Of course, if you don't eat steak, you can easily substitute grilled chicken or portobello mushrooms.

- Grill meat (or mushrooms) in skillet with olive oil (salt & pepper to taste)
- Serve on top of fresh arugula, sliced roasted red bell peppers, and parmesan cheese (sliced with a vegetable peeler)
- For the dressing: mix olive oil & balsamic vinegar
- Serve with lemon wedges

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