Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The more you pack a bag and travel, the more you realize that there are some things you can leave behind the next time, and some things you absolutely cannot!

I actually have to credit this idea to my husband. I had seen the travel pillows for sale at the airport every time I was there, and figured that I didn't need it- why buy it when you can use the one on the plane, right? Well, before our eighteen hour flight to India, my hubby said to get the pillow- and not just any one, but the n-a-p Travel U-Pillow from Brookstone. As much as I hate to say it, he was soooooooooooooo right! I actually did sleep on the flight and woke up ready to go and without that horrible stiff neck that I always used to get when I would fly.Well, once my neck was taken care of, I went ahead and got the n-a-p travel blanket (made out of the softest fleece ever- so good, you'll want to buy sheets out of this material!) Let's face it, those airplane blankets often look worn, and I get so itchy about those sort of things.

The n-a-p eyemask is also part of my travel must-have collection because total darkness always leads to the best sleep. How many of you have finally fallen asleep on a flight, only to be woken up when they turn on those obnoxious flourescent lights? Or have you ever sat next to that annoying person who isn't polite enough to lower his or her shade because they want to look out the window mid-flight, at what, I ask? Clouds? Come on!

The eyemask will cost you $10, the blanket $35, and the pillow $25...a total of $70 (I know, not cheap)...but it's an investment that pays for itself. Like your Amex, you won't leave home to travel without these things!

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