Monday, September 14, 2009


No Jet required! Yes it's great to get on a plane and jet set to somewhere exotic, but I've also found that there can be a lot of great stuff right in your own backyard if you open your eyes to it. For example, I checked out Williamsburg, Brooklyn the other day (see You Will Love Williamsburg post) and was amazed by what was there. My point is you can make the most of a vacation at home and here's the SMART way to do it:

See what's happening in your area. Museums and local libraries often hold free events- check your local paper for info or just call. If you live near a big city, grab a CityPass which can get you into great attractions for a lower cost.

Make memories. Keep a camera handy (digital or disposable) and click away. You always have a camera when you are away on vacation, so treat this the same way and you might end up with some great photos that are frame or album worthy!

Ask friends and co-workers where they've hung out lately. You may hear about a new restaurant, lounge, club, or outdoor activity that interests you.

R&R. Check into an affordable hotel for the night and order room service- that way you don't have to cook, do dishes, or make your bed in the morning. You can also opt for a B&B and wake up to a home cooked favorite!

Travel (well sort of) to a country you've been wanting to visit. Try Spain: Eat at a Tapas restaurant, catch a Flamenco show (check out for performances in the Tri-State area), and end la noche sipping wine from Rioja.

{photos: Staycation}

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