Monday, September 7, 2009


I am always looking for the perfect bag to take with me when I travel. I don't like to bring a bag that's too small because I always walk around with a notebook to take notes, a camera, an umbrella, a sweater or scarf in case it gets a little chilly, get the idea!

Anyway, I was in Target the other day and found this great tote bag by the line Hollywood Intuition. It's big enough to throw all you need in the bag, plus it has a bunch of zipper pockets (for cell phone, money, hotel room key, etc.), and it can either go over your shoulder or across your body (which I love for security reasons when you travel). And because it's "Tarjay" it's only $ it won't break the bank, plus if it gets ruined or worn out you won't feel bad about it. The bag also comes in purple or green, but I just love black because it goes with everything and you can't tell so much when it gets dirty. All I have to say is you gotta love Target!

1 comment:

  1. What a smart-looking & economical travel bag! Is it light-weight too?