Thursday, September 24, 2009


My six year old Yorkshire Terrier, Riley, is my best buddy...which is why I hate to leave him behind when I jet set. So in my search for dog friendly places to stay, I came across Affinia Hotels which has dog friendly hotels in New York, Washington DC and Chicago. Yes, I know you may be thinking, there are plenty of dog friendly hotels across the country...and you are right...but the thing that really caught my eye about Affinia Hotels is their Jet Set Pets™ program in which they really do go the extra mile as far as services for your pets. They do charge $25 surcharge for your pet to stay, but check out the SPECIAL OFFER below!

Here’s what Jet Set Pets™ is all about:
- Local dog walking/sitting services
- Grooming
- Daycare and boarding
- Training
- Boutique products
- Gourmet cakes and cookies for special occasions
- Pet taxi
- Pet psychic
- Pet bed
- Doggie treat
- Travel bowl to take home

For you to take:
- Signature canvas water bowl designed for travel
- City-specific chew toy
- Robbie Dawg tin of organic treats or Homemade Canine Confections

In addition, items for use during your stay include:
- Food and water bowl
- Plush dog bed

***SPECIAL OFFER: If traveling with your pet between July 25-December 31, 2009 and you incur an airline charge when flying with your pet, please show proof of the charge and the $25 pet stay fee will be waived. Restrictions may apply. ***

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  1. Who would have guessed hotels would start having pet psychics on hand for their guests?
    Anyway, great post -- blogged about it on our pet travel blog as well.