Thursday, September 10, 2009


I went blonde!!! I had been thinking about it for a long time, and with my birthday coming up at the end of the month I just decided to go for it!! My wonderful Mother-in-law, Patricia, gave it to me as an early birthday gift. Thanks Pat! :-) What do you think? I am really loving it!!

Mom took me to her salon- Luigi's of Italy in Eastchester, New York. Her hairstylist Danny Bishtawi orchestrated the whole thing and dyed it. And what a process it was! It took seven and a half hours!!! First Danny had to strip my hair twice (no- not make it white like I thought), but basically just make it less dark. Then he colored it with a base color, then highlighted it, then put a toner in it, then cut it, blow dried and styled it!
Mom and I went prepared for the long haul...we stocked up on some Riesling wine and the most amazing Rugelach from Lulu Cake Boutique in Scarsdale, New York. By the end of the day we were exhausted! Who knew sitting on your butt for almost eight hours could be so tiring! But like we said it was a time for us to both get our hair done together and hang was our "blond and bond" time!

My husband and I are going away at the end of the month for my birthday. I can't wait to Jet Set as a blonde and really find out if "Blondes Do Have More Fun!" I'll let you know...


  1. Absolutely fabulous...I love it!

  2. It compliments your sparkling eyes & beautiful smile! Can't wait to hear how your life as a blonde is. NMR