Saturday, December 19, 2009


When I jet setted to Iceland in November, I noticed that many people were wearing earflap hats to keep warm. Since it was chilly, my friend Laura and I went ahead and each bought a furry earflap hat from the popular store there for cold weather gear- 66* North.Their slogan is "Keeping Iceland Warm since 1926," and they live up to their words. They carry hats, gloves, scarves, coats, etc., and you see people all over Iceland wearing their stuff. My friend Laura and I couldn't resist when we saw almost every woman walking around downtown Reykjavik in one of these hats. It cost about $70USD for one, but we both wore ours the entire trip, and we figured, even if we never wear them again after leaving Iceland, who cares? We've gotten our money's worth.

Well, fast forward a month- and here it is now freezing in New York, and I'll tell you I have not taken this hat off! Walking around the city these days, you will see everyone (women, men, and even kids) wearing furry earflap hats. My sister told me that my 8 year old niece even wants one. So I went on a search to see what cute styles are out there and this is what I found:

1- Free People has this cute Faux Fur Hat: $68
2- TOPSHOP has a couple of cute styles and colors: Around $35

3- Forever 21 has this adorably cute Pom Pom beanie: $8.80
4- Eddie Bauer has a Faux-Fur Bomber Hat: $39.50
5- And for the kids...Gap has this cute Furry Trapper hat: $19.50
(Gotta find this one for my niece before X-Mas!!!)

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