Monday, December 14, 2009


One of my favorite websites to shop from is Net-A-Porter. It's a luxury fashion retailer with super expensive stuff, but you can often find good sales. (That's only when I buy from them!) Net-A-Porter just sent me an email about Jet, Set, Beach!- saying there is great summer/beachwear in now if you are planning to jet set to a warm destination. The stuff at this point, in my opinion is too pricey to buy, but at least it's good for inspiration and to get an idea of "what's in" for this upcoming summer. I am loving the straw fedora, and the shape of the sunglasses is what all the stars are wearing these days. In fact, I think my mom owns a pair from the 60's that look just like that and I would always make fun of her for wearing funny is that? I totally can hear her right now saying "I told you so!" :) Anyway, I thought the style was cute and the the email was adorably I just wanted to share it with all of you jet setters! Are any of you jet setting somewhere warm this winter? Please do share.

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