Sunday, December 13, 2009


Usually this time of year we are running around like crazy trying to figure out what to buy everyone for the holidays. Instead of doing that, I've suggested to my family that we skip shopping for the gifts we don't really need and plan a vacation somewhere all together. I've always been gaga for Greece. So if and when I get the chance to jet set there, I would include the Cavo Tagoo Hotel on Mykonos as part of my itinerary. I’d set up shop on one of these comfy lounge beds and soak up the Mediterranean sun for hours while sipping on an exotic drink.
A little T.L.C. on vacation is always nice, especially when your hotel spa looks like this!
How about coffee and breakfast here every morning for a few days? I could definitely get used to that.

Check out their beautiful rooms...

I'm loving these cool are they?

Some rooms even come with private eternity plunge pools overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Now doesn't this seem better than getting another gift card or sweater that you have to pretend you like when you really don't? Yes, it will cost more, but you will have memories of a trip that will last a lifetime.