Thursday, December 10, 2009


When it's raining outside and you have friends visiting New York City from Texas, the only thing to do is to spend your day at a movie, in a mall, or inside restaurants all day. We skipped the movie and mall part and instead spent our day eating!
For breakfast we headed to Permanent Brunch. This place is teeny, tiny inside, and doesn't take reservations- so be prepared to wait, but know that it's definitely worth it. We ordered the Baked Eggs with Braised Short Rib Ragu and fries for $14, the Pan-roasted Chicken & Waffles for $14, and French Toast for $13. They are also known for having different kinds of bacon on their menu, so we tried an order of the Smokehouse Peppered bacon from Texas (how appropriate!).< Afterwards, the guys went to watch football, while the ladies met up with some old friends at Via Quadronno on the Upper East Side for some cappuccinos. This is where we saw Alec Baldwin having lunch (see Sunday's post for more)...that was pretty cool! Becca & I headed down to Soho afterwards to shop at one of my all-time favorite stores- TOPSHOP. When our feet got tired, we ducked into Keith McNally's (great name!) Balthazar- a brasserie that is reminiscent of Paris inside.We ordered their Homemade Pumpkin Ravioli with walnuts, sage, and brown butter for $ good, I'm drooling just talking about it.For a little dessert, Becca and I went to Rice to Riches- the best place in the world if you are into rice pudding.This place has your standard old fashioned, traditional pudding, but it also has every interesting flavor you could imagine from pumpkin to chocolate, to the one we had which was mascarpone cheese with cherries...yummy! After that it was time to meet up with the boys for dinner. We went to The National- a gastro chic restaurant downtown. This place is casual, fairly inexpensive, and the food is great.I highly recommend their Lobster Roll served with french fries.We also got to meet the the head Chef, Zoe Feigenbaum, who is currently on Bravo's Chef Academy! She was so cute...and quite a good cook I might add! :-)As you can imagine, we were stuffed by the end of the day! It was a Food Coma Saturday for sure! We burned it off walking around Brooklyn and Manhattan the next couple of days...I'll have more on that tomorrow!


  1. I love it!!! I feel like I am reliving the trip by reading your blog!! loved the yummy rice pudding place......boy we really did eat a lot that day!!

    send you love from texas,

  2. Omg, Becca is brunette!!! Haha, hope all is well for the four of you, glad you had fun -Jen (former hairstylist, Phila)